6% Increase for Working Connections Child Care

6% Increase for Working Connections Child Care

Working Connections Child Care has increased 6% across the board. This is a huge victory during a McCleary year. It leaves optimism for WCCA in additional work for improving future funding of Early Childhood Education.

4 Replies to “6% Increase for Working Connections Child Care”

  1. I am happy about the increase. There is a lot more to be done since the minimum wage goes up again in January to $13.00 and hour this increase will not even touch it.
    With the minimum wage increase comes higher payroll taxes, and more working hours for owners with little or no compensation.
    The cost gets passed on to our private pay families this is very sad, I started out at $480.00 a month and I am now at $600.00 a month. On the eastern side of the mountains this is almost too high for our families. I have had to put a cap on state pay families and I have gotten very strict on rules now.
    I have to turn away 2 to 5 families a week because of this.
    It has left those children and families with a small range of options.
    State is almost $4.00 behind in pay per day.
    Thank you for your listening to my rant.

  2. IWe are with you on this!!! If you are charging $600/month then you must be a family home provider? The 6% unfortunately doesn’t touch the extra training, time, and supplies from all the EA requirements or the wage increase of $11/hr. all of which have already transpired. I don’t know how we will all survive the next wage increase!!! Fees have already increased $75-$200 more per month across the board for private pay parents due to the last increase in wage. Many are capping their state pay acceptance or not accepting state pay at all. This is unfortunate for the private pay parent- sticker shock for them and limits choices for the state pay families. Many private pay families have moved to unlicensed and family/friends care due to the increase in operating costs. I know the grand master plan of the state is to offer ECAEP to all Washington residents within the next few years so maybe they are trying to weed us out already? We are on the precipice of a crisis situation. That much I know. Everyone is in my prayers. We need the power of choice to remain available to all families!!!!

  3. The increase came at a very odd time. Most subsidy increases go into effect on July 1 when the new state budget is passed. Why did this increase not go into effect until September? The state put out a questionnaire to centers last November regarding the minimum wage increases and the impact it would have on centers. Yet an increase was not made until 10 months later in September. That left centers no choice but to increase the rates of our private pay clients and limit the amount of DSHS slots. The state rate is still much lower than our private pay and we will not see another increase when minimum wage rises again in January. What about the teachers that have been working in the field for many years and now make the same as new teachers because centers can not afford to increase wages. More many should be put towards reimbursement of state clients and teachers salaries instead of wasting it on all the administrative costs of funding early achievers. There is going to be a huge childcare crisis if the state does not wake up and fix the problems!

  4. 65% of my enrollment are DSHS pay and with the payments we receive, we are not doing very well financially. We have been running in the red for the last three months and are trying to cut corners but it is very hard to cut hours and still have the same quality of care. Also I have a client whose co pay was raised so high she will probably have to pull her child because she can’t afford it. It seems that once a person begins to get ahead, DSHS raises their copay too high that they can’t pay it or gets dropped from the program. It seems that if they do nothing they get the financial support but they also don’t try to get ahead. I have been involved in childcare for 28 years and I have seen this over and over again