Senator Patty Murray Addresses Childcare at Federal Level

Senator Patty Murray Addresses Childcare at Federal Level

Patty Murray

From Senator Patty Murray’s newsletter:

In my time in the U.S. Senate, I believe there is one issue that is simply not addressed enough in the halls of Congress: child care.

The inability for families to afford high-quality child care is the American crisis we aren’t addressing. Last fall I travelled across Washington state hearing story after story of parents who struggle to find and pay for child care, which I describe in my recent opinion piece in Crosscut.

As a mother, grandmother, former preschool teacher, and lifelong advocate for early learning and child care, I am deeply concerned with this growing crisis across Washington state and our entire country that has yet to be addressed.

That’s why last year, I introduced the Child Care for Working Families Act, a comprehensive plan to provide quality early learning and child care for working families in Washington state and around the country. This bill would ensure no family has to pay more than they can afford on child care.

If you’re like me and believe families should be able to give their children the high-quality care they need without going broke or struggling to make ends meet, become a citizen cosponsor of my bill today.

Though we were able to secure some major wins in last month’s bipartisan budget agreement – including a $600 million increase in Head Start funding and the largest increase in child care funding ever – there’s still more work to do to fix this crisis.

As I mention in my op-ed, 30 of my colleagues in the Senate, and 118 in the House are cosponsoring the Child Care for Working Families Act. This is a good start, but I’m going to keep urging my colleagues — from both sides of the aisle — to get behind this effort to help our kids.

While I work to bring more cosponsors to the table, I’m also traveling to more communities in Washington state to sit down and listen to parents, teachers, and child care providers to hear first-hand what needs to be done to make sure every family can access quality, affordable child care.

You can help me in this fight: add your name to become a citizen cosponsor of the Child Care for Working Families Act now.

Together, we can address this crisis and make sure we’re investing in and caring for our youngest learners across the country.

Thank you,